Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

Ankita Choudhary
Ankita Choudhary Acum 4 minute
Lana is back And she's cooler than ever
Casper 421
Casper 421 Acum 5 minute
This shit trippy as fuck
Casper 421
Casper 421 Acum minut
Idk what brought me here, never heard of this chick but this hit me hard. Not even my style of music, downloading 😂
Edcarlos Silva
Edcarlos Silva Acum 11 minute
Sente a vibe da música mn melhor do mundo te amo Lana ❤🌈
Maadii Quen
Maadii Quen Acum 12 minute
2k4k gaming
2k4k gaming Acum 16 minute
Wow! Now o know she is my number 2 worst celebryty (i mean singer she doesnt deserve to be called celeb)
elementia david
elementia david Acum 23 minute
this both sounds aesthetically romantic and sad at the same time holy fuck i love it-
emiswild Acum 29 minute
Man! I just can't get enough of this!!
0% Acum 33 minute
Кому интересны лего анимации, заходите на канал 0% ! Я снимаю крутые лего анимации! Я стараюсь делать качественно! Кому понравилось прошу пожалуйста подписаться на канал! Или Я это все зря затеял?
Eduardo Pop
Eduardo Pop Acum 33 minute
Lovely Untamed
Lovely Untamed Acum 43 minute
My Queen 💕👑
Tobias Jofre
Tobias Jofre Acum 44 minute
my religion
dime Acum 45 minute
Her voice is so beautiful so soothing and angelic ❤
Mike White
Mike White Acum 49 minute
Thank you for this beautiful song!
Dahlia Davis
Dahlia Davis Acum 50 minute
TW: controversial opinion Maybe Lana portrays the 60s/some of America's 20th century as it could've (should've?) been. She said her music is a rendition of her life. It's artwork. How do the rest of us know what happened or what's going on in her head when she writes/performs?
Louie Loquinario
Louie Loquinario Acum 50 minute
I aesthetically love it 😍
martinezsandoval gaellorenzo
martinezsandoval gaellorenzo Acum 52 minute
sristyy thapa
sristyy thapa Acum 52 minute
My sun is leo and moon is in cancer ♋️ 🤧
Мусорщик Acum 55 minute
*Look how I make money climbing Moscow trash cans.*
Joel Acum oră
Shakira she wolf vibes 🐺 😍
monica gisell montealegre maury
monica gisell montealegre maury Acum oră
El que diga que no es el mejor de lana,, siendo fan de lana '' '* " no ha evolucionado con Ella,,,,,, y digan lo que digan despues de mas de 😱10 años sigue siendo la mejor!!!!!!
Joseph Cassano
Joseph Cassano Acum oră
Puts chemtrails in the song n the video n people still don’t get it
Sam Perez
Sam Perez Acum 19 minute
Theyre idiots man
Kyle Rochford
Kyle Rochford Acum oră
Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma Acum oră
I don't know why but lana always reminds me of Elizabeth short (Black dahlia) I start to cry by listening and seeing lana...😭
Juliet Comet Livers
Juliet Comet Livers Acum oră
How does this not have 35 million hits already?
궁궁카르보 Acum oră
마스크 언제봐도 너무 독특하고 이쁘당 뮤직비디오도 볼때마다 예뻐요!!
ANUNNAK11 Acum oră
CHEMTRAILS están diseñadas para modificar la genética del humano y no dejar que llegue la vibración alta del sol a base de NANOTECNOLOGÍA Y QUÍMICOS. Es hora de despertar . Esto lo hacen los controladores para joder y controlar la humanidad.👍🏼
Nina Pope
Nina Pope Acum oră
She looks stunning in this!!!😍❤
Nina Pope
Nina Pope Acum oră
Wow I'm so ready for this era😍
Maer Baer
Maer Baer Acum oră
This is so beautiful and I hate her stupid fucking mesh mask
Dario AN
Dario AN Acum 54 minute
she explained that it has a plastic mesh back
Celina Debbarman
Celina Debbarman Acum oră
"My cancer is my sun and Leo is my moon"
Maisa Marques
Maisa Marques Acum oră
Alguém do Brasil ouvindo essa obra de artes???🇧🇷🇧🇷💖
Yorick Betfort
Yorick Betfort Acum oră
Lana Del Rey making the same musics and videos since the beginning of her career lll
Dario AN
Dario AN Acum 25 minute
@Yorick Betfort I can't understand, for me NFR! (Album) it's so different and fresh, but i Guess it's not for everyone.
Yorick Betfort
Yorick Betfort Acum 34 minute
@Dario AN don't get me wrong, I used to be a fan. I bought all albums until Honeymoon, but then it just got quite repetitive and unevolving, so I lost interest. I'm just waiting for her to innovate a little bit, to grow, and then I'll listen to her again.
Dario AN
Dario AN Acum 52 minute
I don't remember seeing her as a werewolf in any previous video 🤔 and if you hear that all their songs sound the same ... I think you should listen again.
Павел Павел
Павел Павел Acum oră
This video deserves 100m, stream the masterpiece!
Benjamin Jantzen
Benjamin Jantzen Acum oră
Chemtrails! Poison!!
Benjamin Jantzen
Benjamin Jantzen Acum oră
Everyone talking about how great the video looked, while Kim trails are killing us all on poisoning everything on earth.
Dylan Z
Dylan Z Acum oră
Benjamin Jantzen
Benjamin Jantzen Acum oră
Despicable disgusting satanic continent has taken over Hollywood every single kind of entertainer and it’s mine boggling.
Dylan Z
Dylan Z Acum oră
Julie Rohach
Julie Rohach Acum oră
the pearls, i never knew I could adore clothing so much🤩🤩😭😭
lilyrose gardine
lilyrose gardine Acum oră
ok yall...........i dont think you are understanding the video............Chemtrails have chemicals in them. The chemicals get on your food and you ingest said food. You also breathe in the chemicals from the chemtrails. In return your body is being genetically modified.........the wolf is just a symbol of how all of us are being changed. Same thing with Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Dario AN
Dario AN Acum 49 minute
Mmm actually the wolfs part it's inspired in a book about the wild side in every women. "The woman who run with wolves"
DysfunctionalBubble Acum oră
Tell me they did not burn that car IRL...
DysfunctionalBubble Acum oră
Well... that got weird.
Nando Fonseca
Nando Fonseca Acum oră
i have your blood
Victor Manuel CD
Victor Manuel CD Acum 2 ore
*8 millions the views !!*
Christian Zaragoza
Christian Zaragoza Acum 2 ore
I don’t care if she clubs baby seals and bathes in their blood. I’m on team Lana. S*** it Twitter mob.
QuantumSludge Acum 2 ore
impressive visuals (for a change), bland sound.
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines Acum 2 ore
i love this video and this mask
cance7984 Acum 2 ore
Beautiful music video!
Karol Correa T
Karol Correa T Acum 2 ore
She never disappoints!
nalemande Acum 2 ore
this video is wonderful !!
Adinda Aish Kesuma Dewi
Adinda Aish Kesuma Dewi Acum 2 ore
n scorpion rising cursed upon u honey.
L A Acum 2 ore
How are you a Democrat this makes no sense
king troy
king troy Acum 2 ore
Voice of a angel
Stefania Sigala
Stefania Sigala Acum 2 ore
There’s nothing you sign that I don’t like
Anna Staja
Anna Staja Acum 2 ore
I feel like she just casted a spell on me at that ending part 👁👄👁
Khaled Reza
Khaled Reza Acum 2 ore
Spencer Lee
Spencer Lee Acum 2 ore
Faruk haikal
Faruk haikal Acum 2 ore
This song hits different in the middle of a pandemic
Emely Mariñez
Emely Mariñez Acum 3 ore
Hermoso desde RD 🇩🇴😍😍
Rockstar Music
Rockstar Music Acum 3 ore
u r the best artist, unique and finest artist i have ever seen 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ i love every song of urs😘😘😘
rlyehdate Acum 3 ore
I don't know what is coming on but I'm excited
Mark Promise
Mark Promise Acum 3 ore
Most beautiful voice ever💔😭😭😭
Redd Guy John
Redd Guy John Acum 3 ore
Keep up the good work Lana! Love you
Ricardo Acum 3 ore
people here are thinking way too much about what the meaning of the video is... she’s literally showing you the chemtrails. she’s trying to drop redpills. why do you think the entire industry does not like Lana? she’s not one of them. she’s one of us, a chosen one ☝️.
Cyrine A
Cyrine A Acum 3 ore
Check out my cover guys☁️💫
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Acum 3 ore
This is so interesting since so many of Lana's fans are nothing but goose stepping authoritarians whose favorite word is "comply". Bunch of book burning tattle tales running around screeching at anyone trying not to breathe their own exhaust by wearing a stupid mask that achieves next to nothing other than isolating and depressing people.....which is the goal. Lana has her eyes open and I bet she knows to stay far far away from any Bill Gates vaccine that has a higher fatality rate than any pandemic.
Jock Doubleday
Jock Doubleday Acum 3 ore
Well done.
Luciano Cabral
Luciano Cabral Acum 3 ore
Do Brasil ❤
Laura L
Laura L Acum 3 ore
Her voice is just so damn soothing ❤️❤️ ones like this is when it really shows.
Sara Bovenzi
Sara Bovenzi Acum 3 ore
A fabulous political wake up call to our young - chem trails are NOT COOL. Brilliant video and message.
siouxperb5570 Acum 3 ore
@Mintysause Contrails are harmless to the environment, with the relatively negligible amount of exhaust particulates from the combusted hydrocarbon fuel.
Mintysause Acum 3 ore
@siouxperb5570 i think she meant there not environmentally safe.
Mintysause Acum 3 ore
You have such a Teacher last name💖✨
siouxperb5570 Acum 3 ore
Not cool because they are a hoax? Sounds reasonable.
wesley alves
wesley alves Acum 3 ore
Maravilhosaaaa ❤️
Дарья Ром
Дарья Ром Acum 3 ore
This video reminds me of the Sinister movie: when those happy family films turned into snuff ones. Disturbing
Jacob Battle
Jacob Battle Acum 3 ore
NicolasGag Acum 3 ore
La diosa lana merece muchas más visitas
ATRAK Eighty Eight
ATRAK Eighty Eight Acum 3 ore
ROpost. ATRAK88
Giancarlo Centoundici
Giancarlo Centoundici Acum 3 ore
Lana novamente fazendo a trilha sonora da minha vida... Amo! ❤ #Brasil 🇧🇷
My Blood
My Blood Acum 4 ore
4:41 I hope that beautiful outro will be in the album version cause i love it so bad. why is not in the single version? 😭😭😭
Kevin R.
Kevin R. Acum 4 ore
Wow shes woke and knows about chemtrails. Amazing.
Kevin R.
Kevin R. Acum 3 ore
@siouxperb5570 negative. Your clueless.
siouxperb5570 Acum 3 ore
She's probably mocking the 'chemtrail' hoax sheep.
Sheila Campos
Sheila Campos Acum 4 ore
Kerolos Ashraf
Kerolos Ashraf Acum 4 ore
i find it so mean to get you so happy with the first part of the song then suddenly everything goes wrong but overall i liked it very much.
Bianca Lopez
Bianca Lopez Acum 4 ore
Shes getting more wise as she gets older and I’m living for it. Everytime i think I’ll grow out of her music she pulls me right back in w her new releases, she’s been the only artist thats “gotten” me.
Gretchen Skye
Gretchen Skye Acum 4 ore
Her aesthetic is just I can’t explain
Dilan Adarme
Dilan Adarme Acum 4 ore
Una ves mas lana nos demuestra que si merecia el grammy
Daryan Worthy
Daryan Worthy Acum 4 ore
I'm in love 😍😍😍😍❤
ashlynn & jordyn
ashlynn & jordyn Acum 4 ore
gonna cry
N ɑ T ɑ L i ɑ ༄
N ɑ T ɑ L i ɑ ༄ Acum 4 ore
MrZaboomafoo822 Acum 4 ore
Last I checked normal contrails don't stay up in the air all day. Something different about the nuclei. Guess I'm looking at Aluminum clouds.
MrZaboomafoo822 Acum oră
@siouxperb5570 Considering I passed the 7th grade somehow and never learned about what you're saying, I dunno... Just seeing Aluminum clouds is all.
siouxperb5570 Acum 3 ore
Better check again, then. Persistent contrails have been known, studied, documented, and understood for more than 80 years. When affected by wind shear, they have no choice but to spread into cirrus sheets. This is all verifiable basic atmospheric science that any 7th grader will understand. Oh, and not to mention that these contrails spanning the skies weigh tens and hundreds of MILLIONS of pounds. One trail, one aircraft. Can you name an aircraft that could carry that much payload? Right.
Burrito Grande
Burrito Grande Acum 4 ore
Do not let the truth disaude you! The wise know that contrails aren't suppose to spread out into a misty cloud cover.
Sikuden Acum 4 ore
Yes Lana
razendel Acum 4 ore
I am 8,000,000 of these views, and counting
Jaclyn Acum 4 ore
so much symbolism in this video. Actually, I guess a lot of Hollywood music videos have that now...
Moise Acum 4 ore
Hey pretty thang... love this new track- on repeat all day long
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Bebe muita água
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Te amo, tá?
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Lança clipe pra tulsa jesus freak
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Lança clipe pra cinnamon girl
Marcos Herrera
Marcos Herrera Acum 5 ore
Illuminati en su máxima expresión
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Lança clipe pra art deco
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Lança clipe pra Cola
paulo barboza
paulo barboza Acum 5 ore
Lança clipe para Dark Paradise
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