Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS

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Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to ROpost. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with ROpost star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even ROpost star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
Exclusives from #ETonline :

Grace De La Torre
Grace De La Torre Acum 45 secunde
Poor charli
teahyungs towel.
teahyungs towel. Acum 2 minute
Ok lemme clear this up. Charli is a picky eater. ok. WHY SAY U WANT DINO NUGGIES. Just
kyle ellison
kyle ellison Acum 2 minute
Lmfao crying about losing followers 🤣
Melly Pilatan
Melly Pilatan Acum 4 minute
what's wrong with you people?? lol. Other kids are seriously out there doing worse things like doing drugs or what and you come after a '15' year old kid who made a little mistake? lol
Dylan Tompkins
Dylan Tompkins Acum 5 minute
This is worse than cancer
GoodMorningWood Acum 6 minute
This is such trash. Who watches these people sitting around doing nothing?
Shefali Tiwari
Shefali Tiwari Acum 5 minute
Lol yeah
Not Oscar
Not Oscar Acum 7 minute
you can tell that the lady talking hates the d’melios
Simplyxcloudii Acum 7 minute
She didn’t cry over losing followers god she was crying because people were telling her to hang her self and to end her life over saying it would be cool if I hit 100M a year after she hit 1M god
Christina Thompson
Christina Thompson Acum 11 minute
She’s a spoilt little brat her and Dixie have table manners like men and they way they speak to the chef and everyone is just disgusting learn some respect for others around u
Christina Thompson
Christina Thompson Acum 23 secunde
@Shefali Tiwari how saying she has table manners like a man Rude she has it’s disgusting the way she’s gagging and pretending to be sick it’s animal behaviour infront of the chef
Shefali Tiwari
Shefali Tiwari Acum 2 minute
I totally agree with u (charlie and dixie are cringe) but that was pretty rude to say that dixie have table manners like men..... u can use other non rude words.
Lauren Vander
Lauren Vander Acum 12 minute
she had set a goal for herself! yes she is the most popular creator on the app, she has the right to make goals, have dreams, and she’s a 16 year old girl. she’s not perfect
Ven ven's World
Ven ven's World Acum 14 minute
What's new😏
Natasha Ainn
Natasha Ainn Acum 16 minute
Thats not "family jokes" its straight up rude
Noah Hatton
Noah Hatton Acum 17 minute
I don't like Charli that much but she really doesn't deserve the hate she's currently getting. She's literally a random teenager that was very rapidly thrust into the spotlight. She probably receives hundreds of thousands of hate comments every day. Yeah, that's the price of fame, but can you imagine having to deal with that at such a young age and when you're so new to being famous?
RE FLEX Acum 17 minute
Good let's keep unfollowing so she can stop
UpperEchelon Acum 18 minute
Ay ay don't let this distract you from the fact that Manchester City was cheated out of a handball that didn't happen #justiceforgabrieljesus #justiceformanchester
Heather Crosby
Heather Crosby Acum 23 minute
not abby lee commenting on the live-
Max_Goodwin33 Acum 23 minute
Influencer loses one million followers: has literal snot bubbles coming out of their nose Regular person loses one follower: oh no... anyways
Xcloud_ marsX
Xcloud_ marsX Acum 26 minute
me who loses 1 follower: NOOOOOOOOOOOO i lost one of my children😖😖😖😖
Ana Zaragoza
Ana Zaragoza Acum 28 minute
That’s what she gets for misbehaving
Shiela Vizcarra
Shiela Vizcarra Acum 28 minute
I litterally laugh my ass off when James ask Charli "Is 95 million not enough?"LOLOLOLOL
Fam Enriquez
Fam Enriquez Acum 29 minute
Omg this is not ok
Jonas Allison
Jonas Allison Acum 31 minut
Why do people have to be like this?!?!?! Like imagine if you had almost 100mil followers and you made one mistake or not even a mistake and everyone commits on it telling you to die like that just not ok
Makayla The best
Makayla The best Acum 31 minut
Ok I don’t like her but I think I like her I’m so sorry
BlueINK Acum 35 minute
*cries that she lost 1 million followers* Also Charli: *literally got followers that she didn’t deserve*
Trenton McRorie
Trenton McRorie Acum 37 minute
Snail: I'm about to end this career
Katy Peterson
Katy Peterson Acum 38 minute
She was crying because she was losing followers she just wants attention
Funny Man
Funny Man Acum 44 minute
Colorado shut down the these people won't matter in days
Fjfjjfhdjdjdjdjjsjd Jdjdjsjsksk
Fjfjjfhdjdjdjdjjsjd Jdjdjsjsksk Acum 51 minut
I’m say this Spanish verse from a very good singer : no hay que llegar primero sino saber llegar. In English ( you don’t have to get there first you have to know how to get there)
oneandelizaonly Acum 55 minute
uh um so there was a clip not in the vid if u go to dixies profile and uh charli was crying because she got messaged death threats
D nice
D nice Acum oră
you are cool i like your tik toks
Snoozeloof Gaming
Snoozeloof Gaming Acum oră
she should have ate the damn snail
The LeGo Geek
The LeGo Geek Acum oră
TikTok sucks
Olivia Ponis
Olivia Ponis Acum oră
Ya'll realize that she didnt cry about losing followers right? She cried because she was getting messages to kill herself and that people would murder her. I dont know why people are being rude about her wanting to quit. Even grown adults are sending her death threats. She's still a kid. Some people need to seriously grow up.😶
Olivia Ponis
Olivia Ponis Acum oră
They didn't show the whole live.
MsCool Gematria
MsCool Gematria Acum oră
Shd got the million back
Annika Flores
Annika Flores Acum oră
She just cried and they all switch up
xkilrhol Acum oră
*James Franco meme*: First time?
The adventure squad ALE
The adventure squad ALE Acum oră
Girl at least be happy you have more than 1 million followers and your famous. Even though it might be hard don’t cry because there not going to be the ones there for you every single second. They don’t pay your bills or cook for you. Like why are you crying over this?
Karly Acum oră
trisha just wants to create drama for clout/views and these people give in everytime and its really their fault she is still relevant by always granting her reaction videos and @ mentions
liakXmyriiio covers
liakXmyriiio covers Acum oră
ok I'm gonna tell this for last time! Charli is a real dancer, the fact that she is famous on tiktok doesn't change that! The fact that kids know her and know how to throw it back isn't her fault! If you don't like her, stop hating and go find something you like instead tell those things for her! I mean are you serious¿ Obviously she is 16 years girl who became famous and yeas she have to cope it with but stop attack her! She became famous not only from 5 and 9 years old kids but and from a 18 years old girl like me who love dancing and Charli is seriously an inspiration to me
FʀᴀxɪɴᴜsX Acum oră
Damn i kinda don’t care
Naomi Balau
Naomi Balau Acum oră
How are these people famous idk, just baffling.
Amarra Leacock
Amarra Leacock Acum oră
stop the CAP Charlie
OZGAMER07 Acum oră
Well Charlie says she doesn’t want 95 mil and even numbers, its now 94 she got what she wanted
OZGAMER07 Acum oră
Good, she deserves it
K Z Acum oră
Tears for attention 🙄
handsome Squidward
handsome Squidward Acum oră
Imagine hating on a 16 year old, It isn't even that fucking serious. Oh wow the chef took time to cook a fucking snail and she didn't like it. So what, this young girl is getting death threats and that's not okay. This people are throwing things out of proportional. Do you know what that does to a teen who's getting death threats and people hating on her??! Imagine if she does kill herself, then y'all will feel pretty awful. I hope your happy.
Charles Hansen
Charles Hansen Acum oră
So absolutely disconnected from reality, "influencers" are a cancer.
999 Always
999 Always Acum oră
Someone tell me charlis talent, and how she’s an inspiration to people honest question
Xx Heart xX
Xx Heart xX Acum oră
Ugh I’m seriously hating this comment section right now
TheChosen Acum oră
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Calvin Einish
Calvin Einish Acum oră
good 😌.
Sha mone
Sha mone Acum oră
I feel sorry for social media freaks. WTF, letting it getting to u emotionally.
Rabbit Robo
Rabbit Robo Acum oră
chase will wipe your tears away
Angeles Coleman
Angeles Coleman Acum oră
And chalie stop crying u know that is fake crying
Jamarion Smith
Jamarion Smith Acum oră
He’s gonna buy more 😂😂😂
Angeles Coleman
Angeles Coleman Acum oră
I know she is famous and every thing but you do not treat like that she is so stupid
Angeles Coleman
Angeles Coleman Acum oră
I really do not like her and she dances really awfull
Cyclone Anderson
Cyclone Anderson Acum oră
Does not have to be there at your house and you your family and friends are coming home soon or staying with my sister
cyrah banks
cyrah banks Acum 2 ore
i dont understand how she would lose her followers of a dinner
buddy and Snickers bros
buddy and Snickers bros Acum 2 ore
She deserved it
P O T A T O Acum 2 ore
I generally thinks she doesn’t deserve this, I’m not trying to hate but the way she treats other people is like horrible, her attitude is what gets me. And it’s not even the rumors but it’s with every ROpostr, we all have to admit we act different off camera then on camera. She needs to get it together and that Instagram live thing felt like she wasn’t even caring about what she said to that chef, she was caring about how she lost 1Million followers, and if you think about it, if Tim tok gets banned then she loses her career, then what is she gonna do know? Honestly in my opinion she needs to get it together, she needs to treat people how she wants to be such as she wanting to be treated as a queen of Tik tok.
Nikacado avocados Diabetes
Nikacado avocados Diabetes Acum 2 ore
If you can’t handle people talking about her then social media isn’t for you sis. Your gonna get hate regardless.
Rye Adam Caralde
Rye Adam Caralde Acum 2 ore
Me when someone followed me: HOLY THANKS JEEZ BRO OMG OMG
Arianators Squad
Arianators Squad Acum 2 ore
Why? Why she losing her follower?
Crackers Acum 2 ore
Hahahaha Great now I got more Dino nuggets
Piper Rockelle
Piper Rockelle Acum 2 ore
Well if you don't want the hate then don't throw up in front of the chef that's just so rude
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana Acum 2 ore
lmao this is when u support garbage no talent kids
Harry Coogan
Harry Coogan Acum 2 ore
Mate I know for a fact everyone that is watching this has seen worse there only human
Adriana Reyes
Adriana Reyes Acum 2 ore
But she did not do anything it was dixxie not her I don't like Charlie but she didn't not do anything it was dixxie so why are you mad at her if she did not do anything🙄
SareBear Acum 2 ore
She’s ungrateful and only doing that for money
Mevine Ven
Mevine Ven Acum 2 ore
No it's because of James Charles
Grahame Elliott
Grahame Elliott Acum 2 ore
she just didn't like snails calm down
EKS Shortstories
EKS Shortstories Acum 2 ore
The fact they have a personal chef says something about them already. Selfish and spoiled children.
Mr. Pollo
Mr. Pollo Acum 2 ore
I honestly kinda dont care
_Shorelette.Bette_ Acum 2 ore
She cried for getting death threats and the video was reality show so it’s staged u guys just want clout to make her look bad .
ladybugli Acum 2 ore
But if there was a snail in my meal i probably would've reacted the same way as Dixie no 🧢 Also I would've asked for some chicken tenders or something like how charli asked for Dino nuggets like I really don't understand why people are hating over such a small thing we don't know if the family and chef have a relationship where they can joke around and stuff like they did it's not our place to judge if we don't have all the info
Justin G
Justin G Acum 2 ore
Hope these spoiled brats get canceled. Girl, all your dance moves are repetitive.
Rocio Rosales
Rocio Rosales Acum 2 ore
I love you charli💖
Brooke Dunn
Brooke Dunn Acum 2 ore
I was expected like her telling him this is disgusting why would you make this and demand to be made something how is this something to be “cancelled” over I honestly don’t get social media. People will reach for anything.
Julie Thornton
Julie Thornton Acum 2 ore
Charli is AMAZING please don’t say mean things to her. No one should EVER tell anyone the things that you guys are saying. She has spread so much positivity and done so much for y’all. Charli you are amazing keep thriving.
MintyAnimates Acum 2 ore
It’s like a war-zone here
Paige Gruenwald
Paige Gruenwald Acum 2 ore
Paella is literally the most delicious intricate meal in Spain and so widely popular! She has terrible taste. They need to go open their horizons and do a bit of traveling.
summer Acum 2 ore
trisha you are not one to speak on this pLEASEE huh
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park Acum 2 ore
PewDiePie wanted to get 100M views too . It's not a great deal if Charlie wants to achieve that too
Howard Acum 2 ore
bruh who these tic tac kids?
summer Acum 2 ore
Saitama Acum 2 ore
Who fucking cries from losing followers? That's so stupid. So toxic.
LiamYTT Acum 2 ore
Wipes her tears with her 4 million dollars. Like seriously, it’s hard to feel bad for someone with that much money and that much power.
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park Acum 2 ore
I guess it was disrespectful but you don't have to hate them like that
Itz Tai Plaz
Itz Tai Plaz Acum 2 ore
She was crowing cause she was getting bullied and being told to kill her self. She said “it would be cool” not “I should have it by now” leave her alone and the chef did that on purpose, they were laughing at Dixie cause they know she is picky. They did that on purpose. Leave them alone, damn.
Itz Tai Plaz
Itz Tai Plaz Acum 2 ore
So stop trying to cancel her for NO F***ING REASON.
•Hyacinth Ηannah•
•Hyacinth Ηannah• Acum 2 ore
You don't send death messages, just because Charli and Dixie did something "wrong" doesn't mean you send death messages
Nyla Damiani
Nyla Damiani Acum 2 ore
Girl most of the world has LESS THAN 1 MILLION followers so...... shut up about only having 95 MILLION? Shut the hell up Charli and Dixie.
لوجاكس Acum 2 ore
ppl are so sensitive nowdays
sugar Acum 2 ore
In the clip on charli crying it looks like she’s reading off a *script* because of her looking left and doing that over and over.
Bray Lathum
Bray Lathum Acum 2 ore
There's millions of positive comments and she focuses on the negative ones. Typical famous person, and when you are a teenage girl that has a career built on dancing.
Aariz Khan
Aariz Khan Acum 2 ore
she bought most of her followers as bots and she is cying because she lost 1 million followers? she still has 98,000,000 more be grateful for what you have
Eva H
Eva H Acum 2 ore
Sometimes I wonder and go wow... some of these girls get followers for the dumbest shit.. I’m not impressed by any of this 😒
Cyaerspace Fam
Cyaerspace Fam Acum 2 ore
MelvinisTrash V6
MelvinisTrash V6 Acum 2 ore
Omfg cry about every fuckin thing
Val Acum 2 ore
entitled kids these days...get fame for no reason n surely gets greedy..just quit
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