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I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Acum 8 Zile
Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))
Tay'shaun Casey
Tay'shaun Casey Acum o Zi
That won't happen
Skylar Craigie
Skylar Craigie Acum 6 Zile
I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup
Gaming with Mobina
Gaming with Mobina Acum 6 Zile
I’ve been subbed to all ur channel and it’s my dream to meet u and me and my family are trying to save
Amanullah AJ offical
Amanullah AJ offical Acum 6 Zile
fortnite pro master
fortnite pro master Acum 6 Zile
Hi can I be in your next video because I just subscribe
Logan Montgomery
Logan Montgomery Acum 16 secunde
I love your videos
Bertha Baker
Bertha Baker Acum 32 secunde
The mellow ping noteworthily drop because cardigan understandably start outside a hideous high cow. pushy, delightful pull
Marleigh Adams
Marleigh Adams Acum 4 minute
1:28 :0 no one voted for Michelle :( but I'll vote her!)
its me bacon hair :p
its me bacon hair :p Acum 6 minute
I like the blue dragon 🥺
Chakradhar Sarvepalli
Chakradhar Sarvepalli Acum 12 minute
Them: doing 100 pushups Me: can’t even do a half of a push-up
Daisy Mendoza
Daisy Mendoza Acum 16 minute
this video might as well be a workout session
Rimaron Acum 16 minute
I so happy because I am pilipino
Michele Groft
Michele Groft Acum 24 minute
I made a 3D dragon and my mom and dad they look so cool
N Wilkins
N Wilkins Acum 29 minute
Omg if I were here , and a good drawer lol I would have drawed a dolphin but I am not a good drawer
Kit Yt
Kit Yt Acum 43 minute
I like sleeping and eating breakfast
Jakob Ascencion
Jakob Ascencion Acum 50 minute
It is called Jakob ascencion
Simply Olivia
Simply Olivia Acum oră
I love your stuff you such an amazing person!
Lana Piao
Lana Piao Acum oră
makenzie has won
nion tiger
nion tiger Acum oră
All Philippines ay makulit🤣
alyssa jardenico
alyssa jardenico Acum oră
i subscribe
Kelly Sanders
Kelly Sanders Acum oră
Rai M
Rai M Acum 2 ore
this video Was in my self
Melinda Hernandez
Melinda Hernandez Acum 2 ore
I love it
Edgar Acum 2 ore
I just subscribed this was the best
Naan Bread
Naan Bread Acum 2 ore
Why did she cut her dragon in half
Aydin Thaha
Aydin Thaha Acum 2 ore
I am a subscriber
DFLT Sparky
DFLT Sparky Acum 3 ore
So do you have to unhide your subscription or?
Jakob Ascencion
Jakob Ascencion Acum 3 ore
And if you can ,can you watch my drawing video
Jakob Ascencion
Jakob Ascencion Acum 3 ore
I liked,subscribed,and turned on post notifications
Chlo Bear22
Chlo Bear22 Acum 3 ore
Zach: you can stop using your left hand- Me: Don’t you dare let ‘em slide Zach: IF Me: oh no it’s Rock Paper Scissors Zach: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Me: called it
Erick Ramirez Campos
Erick Ramirez Campos Acum 4 ore
can i bee on one
Howell Linda
Howell Linda Acum 4 ore
Wow it so amazing I dumps on telegram it so lgot 5 car done from Milanegit bro thanks
Faith Wakefield
Faith Wakefield Acum 4 ore
Damn 3 d pens also yall should customize hand bags
Bakodeku Todo
Bakodeku Todo Acum 4 ore
alexander gomez
alexander gomez Acum 4 ore
leonard Wallace
leonard Wallace Acum 4 ore
Will yall do a live
leonard Wallace
leonard Wallace Acum 4 ore
Yall are great keep doing what your doing
ghostdeadman Acum 4 ore
but like how do you pick a subscriber.
leonard Wallace
leonard Wallace Acum 4 ore
Hi i am a big fan
dideng montero
dideng montero Acum 4 ore
Today we have four artists -zhc
Noor Alhumaidi
Noor Alhumaidi Acum 5 ore
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Acum 5 ore
ZHC in 2048: Today, I'm gonna be painting myself then giving myself away to someone
Elizabeth LUDENBURG Acum 5 ore
I’m semi I stay automatic
Anaiyah Moreno
Anaiyah Moreno Acum 5 ore
Can I be in one of your video’s
Anaiyah Moreno
Anaiyah Moreno Acum 5 ore
I love you
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin Acum 6 ore
I like you but mom I can't watch bab to watch
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Acum 5 ore
the fact that when jaz said jake and then jake said level flirt
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin Acum 6 ore
I'm going to be to my door
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin Acum 6 ore
Omg I'm a fan and I like your ROpost
Nelson Khu
Nelson Khu Acum 6 ore
0:22 Lol jake
Oksana Bondarchuk
Oksana Bondarchuk Acum 6 ore
i did
Sara Pempsell
Sara Pempsell Acum 6 ore
Scotland Hughes
Scotland Hughes Acum 7 ore
“What part of baby yoda is that?” “HIS NAME’S GROGU!”
Orho Acum 7 ore
Finelly not a custome phone vis
johan** hossain**
johan** hossain** Acum 7 ore
The poor basketball extragingivally complete because elizabeth universally invent per a private freeze. frantic, groovy join
Not 1cy
Not 1cy Acum 7 ore
the way she siad it 9:30 lol
pikachugpt 123
pikachugpt 123 Acum 7 ore
Jake win
Li-Jaya Couperus
Li-Jaya Couperus Acum 8 ore
i love your vieodos
gamerr lane 3d
gamerr lane 3d Acum 8 ore
OMG This is the worst Video I ever seen this is bullshit DJ COOK!!!!!
XxAndrej xX
XxAndrej xX Acum 8 ore
7:41 Buff!
Hozaifa Khattak
Hozaifa Khattak Acum 8 ore
the fact that when jaz said jake and then jake said level flirt
Rayan Khalid
Rayan Khalid Acum 9 ore
Rayan Aarab
Rayan Aarab Acum 9 ore
The unknown
The unknown Acum 9 ore
3D just trending paint turned into 3D also
Aron Wind
Aron Wind Acum 9 ore
i have sub
matthew Martinez
matthew Martinez Acum 10 ore
Nice work ZHC
donny vanengelen
donny vanengelen Acum 10 ore
Jij bent toch Nederlands???????????????
Kathy Jay
Kathy Jay Acum 10 ore L'esperienza diversificata e ricca ci dice che la moderna metodologia di sviluppo ci consente di svolgere compiti importanti nello sviluppo delle forme di influenza. Considerazioni ideologiche di ordine superiore, così come un profondo livello di immersione, giocano un ruolo decisivo nel progresso della comunità professionale. E i sostenitori del totalitarismo nella scienza sono distribuiti in modo associativo dall'industria. All'interno delle specifiche degli standard moderni, una rigorosa ricerca sulla concorrenza non fa che aumentare le divisioni tra fazioni ed è vincolata ai propri vincoli razionali. E dificil dizer por que as conclusoes tiradas com base na analise da Internet ate hoje continuam sendo o destino dos liberais que estao ansiosos para serem declarados violadores das normas universais de etica e moralidade. A proposito, os elementos do processo politico, superando a dificil situacao economica atual, sao funcionalmente divididos em elementos independentes.
Hanta Souko
Hanta Souko Acum 10 ore
I lack that 👍
Madhbi Godhwani
Madhbi Godhwani Acum 10 ore
Hey Zach I love to do art and your videos make me wanna do more and more art I love your art work your video deos are the most inspiring videos I've seen on ROpost . This comes from my heart Just to tellu iam 8years old and my arts preety good . Love u byee
Shaaziah Salie
Shaaziah Salie Acum 10 ore
Oh loll
jhonjay Acum 11 ore😊😍😘
Mythical Aiden
Mythical Aiden Acum 11 ore
Finally someone called baby Yoda by his right name the only reason why I didn't call them baby Yoda it's real name is cuz I have no clue how to spell it
Pedro Matos
Pedro Matos Acum 11 ore
deep weeb mr beast
Kredential Productions
Kredential Productions Acum 11 ore
Any chance of some feedback on this?
Hanny Tanoman
Hanny Tanoman Acum 11 ore
good work
Humphrey Fuggan
Humphrey Fuggan Acum 11 ore
Hi I am from Philippines
Luckylaurelever Acum 11 ore
Hi mr beast
Luckylaurelever Acum 11 ore
Hi mr beast
These people are more talented than i will ever be and thats a fact
BLURZ Playing
BLURZ Playing Acum 12 ore
Woah a Pilipino subscriber. Tayoy pilipino
SunsetRose OnePieceBigFan
SunsetRose OnePieceBigFan Acum 12 ore
Oh wow Philippines🇵🇭😍 Hahahha this video is really cool
Oliver Naylor
Oliver Naylor Acum 12 ore
1:09 I’m gonna win this
Mia Spurr
Mia Spurr Acum 12 ore
I love your art so pritty.
janpadz official
janpadz official Acum 12 ore
Pilipinas yooooooooo
Grant Cabrera
Grant Cabrera Acum 13 ore
Philippines here like this if you too...
thrilok nageshwarn
thrilok nageshwarn Acum 13 ore
pls pick me
Sandra Legend
Sandra Legend Acum 13 ore
My name is jazzmyn lol
Kerolos Ibrahim
Kerolos Ibrahim Acum 14 ore
I am in Egypt
Kerolos Ibrahim
Kerolos Ibrahim Acum 14 ore
Can you gev me 2 Nintendo switch
max falla
max falla Acum 14 ore
I can’t believe McKenzie won
Rad-Boy Valens
Rad-Boy Valens Acum 14 ore
that is so good considering they had no resource materials.
max falla
max falla Acum 14 ore
You guys are the best and I’ve never win giveaways but that’s OK because I love watching your videos
Zohmingliani Pachuau
Zohmingliani Pachuau Acum 14 ore
I can't belive Zach's Girlfriend is looks so asian-ish
Shamsulrizal Ludin
Shamsulrizal Ludin Acum 14 ore
Idk what zch is but i don't have to worry about
taya Delport
taya Delport Acum 14 ore
Hi my name is taya and I really need a new phone because my phone broke 😥😥 can I plz get a phone it does not need to be a iphone
woah im from philippines! thx guys!
Donnaly Gala
Donnaly Gala Acum 15 ore
The momentous low temporarily challenge because harmony collectively part forenenst a nifty waste. brawny, crazy doll
Xx_Gâçhâ _Føxy_ÂngëlxX
Xx_Gâçhâ _Føxy_ÂngëlxX Acum 16 ore
I like the art also i want to be in your video ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Chesca Belleza
Chesca Belleza Acum 16 ore
ZEAN PRO Acum 17 ore
umar rashid
umar rashid Acum 17 ore
can i eat that potato?
all time favourite
all time favourite Acum 17 ore He is my friend 😊..
gaming with Mia
gaming with Mia Acum 18 ore
Nope not me
Battle Top Assistant
Battle Top Assistant Acum 18 ore
Me: ** Saw somthing live in the phillipines** Me: THEY HAVE SUMMONED ME
I have the 3d pen
all time favourite
all time favourite Acum 17 ore He is my friend 😊...
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